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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ninja Arbitrator App Now Available in the Android Market

The Ninja Arbitrator app is now available in the Android market! The app is very useful in a few specific situations. However, I am sure that users will find many ways to employ it's decision making function.

Stephen came up with the idea for the Ninja Arbitrator app probably because of situations like the following:

Has this ever happened to you...
You are out with friends or family and a consensus is quickly established that you should stop to eat somewhere because everyone is hungry. Then each person either offers up an option for where to go or notifies the group that, "I don't care, anywhere is good with me." As each option is offered, both positive and negative opinions are voiced by various members of the group. And even the 'I don't care' people seem to start CARING! Disagreement is filling the car and you know the most efficient way to make a decision before you all famish is to vote, right?

Wrong! While voting may provide a selection (if you can even get a majority), it always leaves some hurt feelings behind. Granted, the hurt feelings are not usually a major issue, but wouldn't it be just awesome if you had an arbitrator right there in the car with you and you could eliminate the potential hurt?  

Well now you CAN have an arbitrator with you all the time - right on your smart phone with Ninja Arbitrator!

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